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Another Use Case - AI to AI nano transactions. is building the synapses of the global brain where each and every AI engine can act as a neuron. While this may seem metaphorical for some, Genetic Algorithm was also metaphorical at some point šŸ™‚

WHY HyperCycle?

While almost everyone in the fintech and in the blockchain space is trying to optimize for transactions between humans. Or humans and machines. We have decided to optimize for transactions between machines. AI needs to subcontract other AI in a nano-second setting and the need for distributed computing in a fully decentralized setting (highest security by design) is growing exponentially. The vast majority of global transactions by 2026 will be AI to AI. We are building it today. To be clear, any machine to machine transaction would benefit from this. This clarification is necessary as we believe current machines are not as smart as they should be. HyperCycle enables the transaction agents between any 2 machines to be a bit more ā€œIā€ than just ā€œAā€ šŸ™‚ This does not mean it must exclude humans, from a technical perspective enabling machine to machine could enable humans. Although tactically and technologically is possible, for strategic and regulatory reasons we may exclude humans.


What is HyperCycle? Like seriously, what's the hype?

Fundamental Innovation is a huge statement but bigger undertaking too. Some call it Trilemma, others may give a different name, the cool thing is Toda/IP has solved it and here we have the HyperCycle.AI folks implementing it. But if you were to ask what is it really like outside of the Trilema and looking at it from an independent piece of the puzzle: HyperCycle is effectively a security first, ledgerless (network based*) blockchain optimized for nano transactions for machines in a nano-second finalities setting that can scale as more machines use it. For those familiar with blockchains, this is the maximum sharding anyone can get to. Sharded to the bones. Basically to the network packet level. This means to the network packet level, those tiny 64KB are the largest thing you find in this system. The ones used in this system are basically Sato-Servers. If you are reading this on Earth64, you've guessed it right. Those are the same interoperable little servers that are capable of carrying value. . But wait!!! It's AI, what does value have to do with AI??? Perhaps if you ask the question differently you may have your own answer. Why would a computation run? What is the motive/Incentive? When certain input is computed, would the output have more value to some? If so, how is that value exchanged? . . You get the point :)


Who Are They?

. . Well some of them are from some of us Earthers, in fact not too many aliens are in there. (I mean with the exception of a half a dozen maybe) - - Well at the time of this post, September 14th, 2022, coming from different projects to build the HyperCycle.AI together

Amongst many brainiacs and luminaries, the technology is being built by the convergence of the best of 2 teams, brought together by 2 veterans in the AI and Blockchain space. The Founder of SingularityNet Ben Goertzel and author of Toda/IP Toufi Saliba.


How? It must be easy peasy and that's why everyone is doing it..

Network packets can be part of a secure data structure in a distributed setting so not a single machine can theoretically or practically have all the data as each machine may have hashes of information about other machines. With some redundancy (X64). When a machine completes its work, it returns something of value to another machine and exchanges that on the network packet level using HyperCycle.AI. Every tx partake in the creation of the global Merkle root. Tech Whitepaper at HyperCycle.AI

Closing Statement: HyperCycle.AI aims to build an instrumental missing piece of the global computer puzzle, a foundational technology that will change the way AI works today. There is not doubt AI is in everybody's mind the most impactful thing we have ever created. Would it deserve its customized network?? Solving for this puzzle will do to AI what the Internet did to us here, homo sapiens. . Be part of it, we are part of it. . Join us!


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